Saturday, August 27, 2011

Search The Dragon To Make Sheng Ji 寻龙檫砂

A Clearer View Of Water Formation Not Just By "Imagination".

At The Right Meridian Spot

The Green Dragon Embraces

From The Top View There Is A Reservoir of "Real" Water about 300 metres hundred away.

Shooting From Distance.

From Top Of The Dragon, there is a water view from here being embraced.

Getting Closer To The Meridian Spot. (Frontage lower ground with Pheonix Mountain.)

The Top View From The Dradon Head ....

Nice View At The Point
The Dragon with many embraces from the left and right.

The clear view of embraces (砂) from right and left.

Nice View is it good ideal location?

At The dragon head now. What a nice view ....

Walking along the neck of the dragon.

Spotted the Xue?

Following the path to search the meridian spot.

Is this the head of Dragon?

Travelling along the body of the dragon.

The dragon with full of fruit in the deep mountain.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clearing Plantation Of Selected Area For "Sheng Ji" Ground

The skeleton is then cleaned up, rearranged in sequences and buried again.

The color of bones are in white gold color. This prove that the soil & spot is good for sheng ji.

The Qi of the ground decomposed the belongings of deceased but bones still in good shape & golden yellow after hundred of years buried.

The skeleton is still well presevere but without any belongings. Believe to be 200 years ago.
Some ancient coins from Ming Dynasty also found.

The bone diggers discovered a skeleton during the clearing at grave area.

After the meridian spot is selected, the forest
area need to be clear for the construction of Sheng Ji Tomb.

But "Time" is most critical to match the directional and the "People" (事主).

Placement Of "Golden Jar"

Right Methods and direction of jar placement are important as well.

Making Sheng Ji 造生基

The steps and methods of the "Sheng Ji" Jar is significant.

Putting in the belonging of the customers into the jar.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Master Koh involved in big multi-billion RMB China Hotel Project.

The starting of the piling in last year
During the construction, the discussion between Master Koh and Top management.
 During the phase 1 of the hotel construction..
Stay tune for more details!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bungalow House Fengshui-ed With Door Tilt & Tap Auspicious Pool

Original Owner house... but he decide to tear down as he has seen good improvement after a  few of his houses audited by our Master Koh previously.
The owner wanted get more auspicious qi and he decide to tear down the whole house and rebuild the place. It spent him about S$600K just to rebuild.
During Construction of the house, the door is very important aspect of fengshui. 
The measurement need to be taken exactly from the door distance to tap auspicious pool.

Completion of the house...