Saturday, September 24, 2011

Singapore Eating House Fengshui-ed.

Tilting Roller Shutter Door At Eating House In Singapore

Tilting Roller Shutter Door Must Be In Auspicious Date & Time as well as Matching The Owners' Birth Time.   

Controlling The Qi By Changing The Orientation Of Shutter Door To Match External Environment.
A Desire Degree In The Chinese Compass. 

Picture Of Tilted Roller Shutter.

An Auspicious Date & Time Is Also Critical For Opening Of Eating House Business that "Matches The Owners and The Direction Of The Premises." In Order to Produces Desired Good Businesses Results Too.

The Crowds Lining Up To Patronises The Eating Places.

Revisit The Place during the businesses operation period.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thailand Factory Fengshui-ed Opening & Tilting Door

Project in Thailand consulting fengshui. 

Master koh get involve in the planning of the whole factory office & equipment placement. 

As you can see the factory is quite huge.

Measuring of auspicious degree.

After titled the side door. 

Front door

Main door

Looking outside from the premises.. 
Interior of the factory that producing the end product.

Completion of main door.. Doing fengshui is not buying auspicious items. A good fengshui master uses good degree and location.