Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspection of site during construction

Before The Tombstone Was Lifted By Owner

The Owner Of The Sheng Ji Grave Lift Up The Tombstone when the Master give the green light to do so when the time is right.

Thursday, July 28, 2011
A Phenomenon Occured on the day our Master Koh Completed Sheng Ji job for customer. The prayer items got caught fire.

It shows that the gods and spirits in the sheng ji area have received and they are happy with the offering.  With the correct procedure, everything are in good hand.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Living Grave Fengshui

Sheng Ji Fengshui is the Most Well Kept Top Secrets Of Fengshui

The “Theory Of Sheng Ji Feng Shui” is that person shall receive the Qi of Heaven and Earth Energy after buried their elements. While the “Human’s Elements” such as hair, blood & nails receiving good Feng Shui Qi, with DNA link will then activate to benefiting for particular person from Sheng Ji. The bury elements must consist with 3 criteria 1) Jing 精 2) Shen 神 3) Qi 氣.

As for the theory of Sheng Ji Feng Shui is to benefit the person, him/herself from good environment Of Mountain & water - Feng Shui; In order to do so, will have to bury his/her BaZi, Blood, Used Clothing, used shoes etc (which have the owner’s DNA connection). The Incoming Dragon with embrace Left & Right Arms and most importantly the Xue (Spot- Dragon breathe Spot) is one of the important key point to have this Sheng ji Feng Shui works. Lastly the soil quality as well.

In Sheng Ji Feng Shui the basis of good Feng Shui location with 4 celestials mountains & sentimental water with 5 elements colour soils, the correct location and directions is crucial while making these Feng Shui works. Not any directions of the Incoming Dragon fix everyone and also not all auspicious date and time for initial the Sheng Ji matches any people. In short, Directional & Time is also a crucial consideration factors in order the Sheng Ji works. A “Working Sheng Ji” will have a span of 12 years duration.

Why people want to make Sheng ji Feng Shui? The reasons are mainly because of health issues such as critical illnesses as cancer, Or due their old ages lots of ailments and sufferings, Or their Bazi (8 Pillars) Elements is not balance as such lots of mishaps is life aspects, or encounter major legal entanglements etc…..