Wednesday, November 16, 2016
At AOES Academy, our student are given Practical Lesson at Successful Corporate Companies to verify what they have studied.

Students at a Commercial Retail Outlet studying practical Applications

 Students are taught the correct way of determining a building's Facing
 Students are allowed to mingle and fellowship with one another
Another location where students can verify the theory and application of what they learned

Bungalow Property Feng Shui Audit

 Main Door Should be placed in the correct Location
 Water should be placed in the correct Sector to trigger Auspicious Energy

 Determining the Facing of the House requires the correct Application of the LUOPAN compass

Monday, November 7, 2016
 Life Grave at the Right Meridian Spot!

 Real Dragon Means Real Mountain!

 Special Timing to match the person and the Life Grave
Life Grave Tablet degree accuracy to less than a degree!

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Saturday, November 5, 2016
Art Of Eastern Science Academy is the only Academy to teach the classic “宅运新案” in English since 2008.
This classic book by 尤惜阴 is a must for all level of Xuan Kong Flying School students. It enables the students to correctly predict the yearly and monthly incidents of a premise. 
To find out more please call +65 62995418
Life Grave - Feng Shui Best Kept Secret Since Tang Dynasty

At Art of Eastern Science Academy (AOES), Life Grave feng shui highly sought after by our clients for its immediate effectiveness and long-term benefits.
 If the client is suffering from the illnesses, the Life Grave will reverse the harm and renew the energy for every aspect of life. The person shall thereafter receive positive qi of Heaven and Earth energy through the essence of the buried elements. The person's bazi not only is enforced, it can even be enhanced to its max potential through Life Grave
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