Monday, November 21, 2011

Shengji Making progress

Master Koh is measuring the degree of the shengji

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thailand Rich Businessman Grave

 Front view of the Grave

Measuring the degree of the grave.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fengshui Inspection On Oversea Construction Area

Fengshui Inspection On China Construction.
Viewing From Inside.
View From The Top Of Buiding

Changing Direction and Change A Desire Qi

Orientating The Door Facing Direction

Tilting The Door Direction To Match The External Environment
Degree of the is also required to match the occupants
An auspicious date and time is also critical for the renovation to start. Time is regard as "heavenly luck".

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Singapore Eating House Fengshui-ed.

Tilting Roller Shutter Door At Eating House In Singapore

Tilting Roller Shutter Door Must Be In Auspicious Date & Time as well as Matching The Owners' Birth Time.   

Controlling The Qi By Changing The Orientation Of Shutter Door To Match External Environment.
A Desire Degree In The Chinese Compass. 

Picture Of Tilted Roller Shutter.

An Auspicious Date & Time Is Also Critical For Opening Of Eating House Business that "Matches The Owners and The Direction Of The Premises." In Order to Produces Desired Good Businesses Results Too.

The Crowds Lining Up To Patronises The Eating Places.

Revisit The Place during the businesses operation period.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thailand Factory Fengshui-ed Opening & Tilting Door

Project in Thailand consulting fengshui. 

Master koh get involve in the planning of the whole factory office & equipment placement. 

As you can see the factory is quite huge.

Measuring of auspicious degree.

After titled the side door. 

Front door

Main door

Looking outside from the premises.. 
Interior of the factory that producing the end product.

Completion of main door.. Doing fengshui is not buying auspicious items. A good fengshui master uses good degree and location. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Search The Dragon To Make Sheng Ji 寻龙檫砂

A Clearer View Of Water Formation Not Just By "Imagination".

At The Right Meridian Spot

The Green Dragon Embraces

From The Top View There Is A Reservoir of "Real" Water about 300 metres hundred away.

Shooting From Distance.

From Top Of The Dragon, there is a water view from here being embraced.

Getting Closer To The Meridian Spot. (Frontage lower ground with Pheonix Mountain.)

The Top View From The Dradon Head ....

Nice View At The Point
The Dragon with many embraces from the left and right.

The clear view of embraces (砂) from right and left.

Nice View is it good ideal location?

At The dragon head now. What a nice view ....

Walking along the neck of the dragon.

Spotted the Xue?

Following the path to search the meridian spot.

Is this the head of Dragon?

Travelling along the body of the dragon.

The dragon with full of fruit in the deep mountain.